Advnetures Boat Rental Florida

Policies and rental agreement



Florida State Law requires that all boaters under 33 years of age possess a valid boating certificate card to operate any vessel. For online testing, please visit


Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time for check-in (arriving late only cuts into your time on the water). Please be courteous with your return time, if you are running late, please call. You are subject to overtime charges of $5 per minute, $75 for 15 minutes. After 15-minutes of either “no-call” or a “no show,” we will set out on a Water Patrol starting a search for you and your group!


The company will not offer any refund after 90 minutes of rental start time. This included mechanical or electric failures. 

If the vessel sustains any damages due to inappropriate use or operator error,the renter will be charged for all repairs, towing (if applicable), and an additional $300 per day until the vessel is back in commission (or $2100 weekly). 

Itemized cost damages : 

  • Scratches and small damages (less than 3 ft ) $100
  • Small / medium damages (less than 5ft) $300
  • Large damages ( 5 -10ft) $500
  • Larger damages ( more than 10 ft )$1000 plus $300 daily rental profit lost up to $2100 a week.
  • Lost rope $50
  • Lost bouey ( fence ) $80
  • Lost whistle $45
  • Lost documents $250 penalty
  • Seat damage $150
  • Steer cable damage $500
  • Gearbox damage $500


If there are no damages , no lost equipment and the vessel is return on time , the security deposit will be refunded $300+taxes.


If you wish to cancel you must do so at least 3 days in advance of rental date a cancelation fee of $100 will be assessed, any cancelation within 3 days will not be refunded. Weather cancelations will be determined by Pontoon Adventures Boat rental corp only, full refund will be given for weather cancelations.
If your are 45 mins late to your designated arrival start time without contact and acceptable reason your booking will be considered canceled and no refund will be given.

Reach out to us for more information.


Adventures Boat Rental Inc 

Customers will be refund after the excursion is completed and no damages ,not equipment get lost and vessel return on time .

Deposit $300+ taxes(fully refundable if apply).

Adventures Boat rental Inc  will generally process your payout refund once we have confirmed the excursion has been successfully completed and no damages found .Usually within no more than 48 hours. Funds will generally be available to you within 2-10 business days. It depends on your financial institution and your payout method. Weekends and holidays may also delay the process. The general rule of thumb is that you will see the funds in your account within 5-10 business days though they can appear earlier or later.

Please note that there is nothing Adventures Boat Rental Inc can do to expedite payment processing as we use a 3rd party payment processor. 


Adventures Boat Rental Inc Management