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Island Adventure

Rent a boat and take a tour through Caladesi Island, Honeymoon Island, Three Rooker Sand Bar, and Anclote Key Lighthouse.

Departing from Clearwater beach take a tour through the natural wonders of the area.

Caladesi Island State Park

Caladesi Island State Park is one of the few untouched islands along the Florida’s Gulf Coast.

On pristine Caladesi Island State Park, quiet paths lead along the dunes, palms stand against the warm coastal breezes, and shore birds and sea turtles live without interference from people. Gopher tortoises burrow behind the dunes and water laps against beaches sprinkled with scallops and sand dollars.

Amenities include a three-mile nature trail, a marina, picnic pavilions, bathhouses, a park concession stand, and a beach.

Originally part of a larger barrier island, Caladesi Island and Honeymoon Island were created in 1921 when a hurricane cut Hurricane Pass to divide the larger island into two parts.

Honeymoon Island State Park

Honeymoon Island offers visitors an escape from the bustle of city life.

One of Florida’s best-loved state parks, Honeymoon Island has more than four miles of beach to explore along with a three-mile trail through one of the last remaining virgin slash pine forests.

On the Osprey Trail you can get a rare look at a Florida virgin slash pine stand.

When looking skyward, eagles, osprey and great horned owls can be seen, while ground animals include gopher tortoises, raccoons and armadillos.

A trip to the Rotary Centennial Nature Center helps visitors learn about the park’s history and natural resources. Find out how Honeymoon Island received its name!

Three Rooker Sand Bar

Three Rooker Sand Bar is accessible only by boat and its shape and size often change from interaction with ocean currents.

Is a small, semicircular island that has newly formed and emerged in the 1980s as water currents built up the sand bar above sea level. By the 1990s it was large enough for vegetation to establish itself on the newly formed island further stabilizing it and making it more resistant to washing away.

The fact that sand has been accumulating at this location while erosion has occurred at other locations demonstrates the complexity of the coastal processes at work on the West-Central Florida coast. 

Three Rooker Bar is not your typical bar because it’s really a small Island or sand bar just of the coast of northern Pinellas. Partying here is the nautical equivalent of tailgating in a parking lot before a football game. Boaters just drop anchor and get crazy. On weekends it’s crowded and loud but the water is Caribbean blue and the sand is white and sugary soft.

Anclote Key Lighthouse

The Anclote Keys Light is a lighthouse built in 1887 on Anclote Key, the largest of the Anclote Keys.

The lighthouse is a historic portion of the Anclote Key State Park, owned and managed by the state park system and staff. 

The lighthouse is open for climbing during scheduled open houses that are run by the Friends of Anclote Key and during private tours, also run by the Friends of Anclote Key.  Visitors can always walk up to the locked fence surrounding the lighthouse to get a close view on any given day from dawn to dusk. 

A pit toilet, educational signage, and picnic tables are nearby for public use.  Please see other pages of this website for more information about Open Houses, Private Tours, and History of the Lighthouse.